Fords Helping Aspiring Young Drivers

One of the unique things about using cars is to teach others about how to drive cars safely. In an interesting niche, the State of Texas requires people ages 18-24 who do not yet have their drivers licenses to take a 6 hour course before going to the DMV to then take the driving test and other needed license requirements.

There are certain state-approved private companies which have created content for these aspiring drivers, and they attempt to help the young adults get solid information about driving safely in order to both pass the driving exam as well as be lifelong safe drivers. Some of the companies use Fords as part of their vehicles as most young adults in Texas can relate to a Ford, whether it be a sedan, SUV or pickup truck.

Here are some of the video clips used to give these young adults solid information to prepare for the official 6 hour course:

* First channel

Second Channel

Ford Accessories For RV’s

One of the overlooked aspects about Fords are the accessories, especially in the smaller niches.   One such is the motor home/RV niche.  Here are just some of the Ford parts and accessories for those with such vehicles.

The reason why this is important is that Ford often has equipment for niches where there is passion.  On its Accessories page, Ford’s website touches on several niches where there is passion in the audience:

  • Racks for cycling and skiing
  • Wheels for those into racing
  • Electronics for those into audio and music
  • Other niches


The RV niche is interesting here because it deals with, in essence, a second “vehicle”.  Instead of staying hotels and motels, those with RV’s and similar vehicles have a huge passion for their home away from home.  They enjoy being outdoors, spending their nights in nature and non-traditional spots, like proximity to fishing or other outdoors amenities versus a five-star restaurant in a hotel, and many other aspects to that style of living.

Thanks to our friend Marcus at Eagle Ford Estates in San Antonio for giving us more insight on the passion about RV living for those involved in it.

How A Ford Can Benefit One’s Budget

If you are thinking about your various budgets, either personal or for your business, a Ford may be a viable option. Here are just two examples:

1) Credit situation

Many people who have shot credit for one reason or another (divorce, job loss, medical emergency, etc.) often have a taste for expensive foreign cars. It’s just one of those things!

Nonetheless, the “perceived” end benefit that a foreign car often are not based necessarily in 100% reality. Some of these include things like being perceived as attractive, the belief that a foreign car will require less maintenance, the thought that the overall costs to maintain the car (including insurance) will be less in the long run, etc. This, of course, isn’t necessarily true; but the perception is there among many.

A Ford, however, can be a terrific option for all of the benefits mentioned above. Additionally, with many trade-ins of good quality then those looking for a solid car – despite poor credit – then there are some great overall situations available. One’s budget AND underlying needs can be met, such as those who go here.

2) Non-traditional commercial purposes

Here is a fun example of an experiential marketing agency which needs non-traditional uses for motor vehicles. These guys had to organize a video shoot which translated into a large screen museum exhibit design in Dallas. Kids (and even adults!) get to “race” against a dinosaur, certain athletes, and even against a NFL player in the museum. Here is the video:

Commercial vehicles are needed in three areas: getting the equipment to & from the video shoot (plus any vehicles needed for the video shoot’s assembly), getting the equipment to the museum, and then any motorized equipment to install the exhibit before the general public could enjoy it. Many Ford vehicles, like forklifts, are used everyday even though most people associate the brand with consumer driving only.

Ford Vs. Range Rover

I was driving in a loaned Range Rover with my friend Heather the other day.  Her car was in the shop so the Range Rover was the car they gave her to drive during the duration of the repairs.  We talked about how similar the vehicle was to the recent versions of the Ford Explorer.

During our comparison we were reviewing some of the details between the two SUV’s as we saw the same models during our drive.  I had never done that type of comparison, so it was a fun way to better know each make/model.

We also talked about friends who had Explorers during our days in competitive athletics.  Even though I work with clients everyday at their offices, and she is an attorney helping all sorts of clients – from those needing help with criminal defense, a divorce filing or even helping someone who made a dumb mistake such as someone needing a DUI attorney in Flanders New Jersey – we still love our times during the competitive jock days.

We both had friends who would load up their Explorers with athletic gear, food, water and other items needed for the road trips.  Whether it was going with friends to practice, the gym, to a local training center or on those trips where the athletes were allowed to drive themselves to the event (such as during semi-pro baseball tournaments 100 miles away from home), we laughed about the stories.  Athletic road trip stories can be hysterical, and we both agreed that anytime we drove with friends and teammates in a Ford Explorer we always had great memories.

Hopefully you have fun Ford memories as well.  If so, leave a comment and we may use your story in a future post!

Hauling Odd Sized Industrial Items

My friend Terry helps those who set up and manage warehouses with their organizational and industrial shelving needs.  He has to be aware of changes in requirements and loads due to items which may be oddly-shaped.  This affects the calculations for traditional racking.

He is a dealer who helps people both buy and sell used pallet rack and warehouse equipment.  Usually there is freight involved and that cost affects the final expense to the end customer.  Other costs include:

inspecting and verifying equipment amounts and quality
photographing and categorizing equipment
any auction fees if items were purchased at auction
freight loading fees and actual shipping fees
any fees to unload and set up the equipment at a new location

For local clients of his, however, he sometimes helps out the end customer save money by helping with the transportation and/or inspecting the equipment.  When he does, he often likes using a Ford to help.  When I asked why, he said that he likes the reliability of the brand’s vehicles; and he feels that the equipment is more stable (less likely to get damaged) when driving a route which requires tight turns or lots of inclines & declines.

Keeping All Parties Happy

I was talking with a friend the other day in the North Texas area, and he was talking about how he attempts to keep all parties happy when they need a car, but have financing complications.  Often times he gets calls from people who are hurting financially from situations like:

  • not having any credit
  • bad credit after a divorce
  • not having enough cash available after a job loss
  • needing to get a family car after a kid is born but being “upside down” on the sports car owned
  • many similar situations

He talked about these situations and how people, initially, can be very unrealistic about the types of cars for which they are able to qualify.  No matter how the financing happens, so many people have their identities when in the world tied to their vehicles.  A big part of his job is to convince them that a basic American car, like a Ford, actually can be the best thing for their situation especially if the car is a well-maintained used car with the depreciation price drop already factored into the equation.

Even though there lots of people needing low credit car loans in Dallas Fort Worth and the nearby North Texas towns, they often aren’t aware of their options to finance the purchase of an automobile.  Some of the assets they have include:

  • being at a job for 9-12 months
  • people willing to co-sign
  • additional bank options
  • trade in of the current car
  • much more

It was an interesting conversation about how he takes someone, who initially can’t qualify for a fancy foreign sports car, and can convince them ultimately to purchase a used domestic sedan.  The ability to help them transition, and feel good about the decision, is the reason why he has had a solid career up to date.


I was talking with my friend Carlton about getting a new truck.  He recommended a Ford, but for a different reason than most.  While costs, fuel efficiency, style and other factors often come into play his friend instead taught him about functionality over distance.  His friend comes from a trucking family where long hauls are the norm.

Occasionally, however, a trip must be made in a regular everyday truck rather than a more standard commercial vehicle.  He first had that happen when he was looking for work and picked up a quick job in the North Texas area.  He needed work so he took the day off from looking for flatbed trucking jobs in Fort Worth and Tarrant County, and took a small gig.

The truck, unknowingly, wouldn’t work so instead of skipping the job he took the small payload to the client in a standard Ford truck.  This actually worked well because the client’s site had a much narrower driveway and loading area, so a larger truck likely would not have been able to reach the end destination.  Carl’s friend said that the Ford truck was one of the few which could handle the smaller size, yet very dense/heavy, payload AND still maintain good handling and respectable fuel efficiency despite the heavy weight he was carrying.


Fords For Driving Schools

I was talking with a friend of mine who operates a number of driving schools in the North Texas region.  We were talking about the types of cars he needs to have on hand to deal with the rigors that a 15 or 16 year old kid will put a car through… especially one where his family doesn’t own it!  It is amazing to discover some of the dumb things kids (and even adults!) will do to a car which isn’t their own and when they don’t have any true driving experience.

We discussed the types of cars, and he uses Fords for some of his locations.  When he is looking to expand into a new area, such as trying to attract parents and kids who are looking for a driving school in The Colony and Little Elm Texas, he likes to emphasize his using domestic cars.  This is because it keeps parents happy, and they know that their children will be safe with the driving instructors.

Even those needing adult drivers education tend to be happy learning the basics of driving in a Ford.  No objections seem to come out as a result of the choice.

Thanks For The Suggestion

I have to thank my friend Steve who made a suggestion about a rental car that I was considering for my budget.  He told me about the experience he had when renting a Ford Focus a while back and how, surprisingly, it would fit a guy of my height.  The interesting thing is that is able to drive a bit “off road” (not in the traditional sense).

For example, I wanted to thank him when I was in his area of town; but he was on a job site where his crew was doing foundation repair in Prosper Texas.  The driveway was also torn up, but I didn’t know that when I went to the site for a quick visit.  The Focus surprisingly did fairly well on the non-traditional surface, as it wasn’t too bumpy or felt like I was being jarred with each uneven part of the surface.

I want to thank him for the suggestion, and I likely will rent another Focus should the need and situation permit.

Modifying A Truck For Different Purposes

I have to give credit to my friend Jimmy.  He is able to pack in a terrific amount of fun while still running several related businesses and raising a family.  His truck is a central part of the equation.  This is because he has to switch gears all the time including:

  • Taking the kids to school on occasion, including hauling all of their school items
  • Running a regular plumbing business which focuses on water heater repairs and drain cleaning
  • Running specialty plumbing businesses including one which focuses on foundation repair plumbing test services
  • Going to his ranch
  • Going hunting with friends
  • Going on trips with his wife when they have some alone time

He showed me the different ways he arranges his truck to accommodate all of those ways.  I never knew how versatile a truck could be!

He makes adjustments with seating, how he arranges his gear in the bed of the truck, how he makes sure that the kids are safe and much more.  In all it was pretty cool to see how someone can be innovative.